Copy of About Us

Welcome to the World of SSEOM people who did not get attached to our comfort zone.
Limited edition clothing inspired in the korean fashion worldwide scene. From Seoul-Barcelona to the World.
SSEOM is a ready-to-wear label founded in 2020 by people raised in completely different environments. 



We strive for designs that embrace a modern attitude for a creative life, seamlessly blending comfort, minimalism with Korean influence.



SSEOM is more than just clothing. It is a creative platform for the misfits, the outcasts and the wild to express themselves. Our garments aim to inspire the new generation to pursue their passion, orthodoxly or not, by empowering them to create without fear of judgement.


This brand is not just about making garments, but garments limited with their own history. This brand wants to unite a community that is passionate about Korean culture in any field. SSEOM is a fusion of western and eastern. It is multiculturalism.
Also, our vision is to offer you the opportunity to show you alter ego. Your true YOU. Just take a break from your fake life.



We import raw materials from South-Korea and Berlin and we make each garment one by one in our studio in Barcelona.
Each garment is produced depending on the demand so as not to have mass productions and having surplus stock.
Deadstock and unsold inventory are the real harm of fashion. Which is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. We need to stop overproducing. For this reason, we produce on demand.
No more overstock, no more wasted resources.
We want to become the first stockless brand ever. We want to minimize as always, our footprint on earth.


Why not mass-producing? Nothing would’ve sense if we just made clothes.



More than a brand, we have become a lifestyle, with music that narrates our journey. All good Korean music or not. Here’s the link to our Spotify playlist, the official soundtrack to the movement.